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Bryanston's Premier Swim School: Where Happy Waves of Learning and Fun Collide!

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Enrollment + Fees

Dive into the world of swimming with confidence!

We know that taking those first strokes can feel daunting.

That's why we're dedicated to creating a kind and enjoyable environment, where learning to swim becomes an exciting adventure. Get ready to make a splash and discover the joy of swimming with us!

Swimming Trainer with Students


Our group lessons are 30 minutes in duration, which includes 5 minutes of playtime. We believe that play is an essential component of swimming education, as it fosters enjoyment and reinforces learning in a fun and interactive way.

Our Swimming Pool

We take pride in offering a fantastic swimming experience in our built-in ground solar heated pool that spans 10m in length and 3m in width. This pool is ideal for stroke correction and adult lessons. It also features steps and a built-in rail, providing a comfortable and secure experience for children, as they can stand and hold onto the rail for added confidence in the water.

Beach Ball in Pool

Our Second Pool

In addition to our main pool, we have an above ground solar heated pool. Measuring 4.5m in length and 76cm in depth, it is specifically designed for children under the age of 4 years old. The pool's size provides a comfortable and confidence-building environment, promoting enhanced learning and enjoyment.


  • A one-time registration fee of R220 per swimmer is required upon enrolment and is renewable annually.

  • All fees are payable in advance.

  • Monthly fees must be paid on or before the 3rd day of each month.

  • For those enrolling in the middle of the month, fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the remaining lessons of that month.

Girls Swimming Underwater

2023 Fee structure

Per Month
1 lesson p/week

Per Month
2 lessons p/week


Confident Lil Beginner

R680 p/m

R1200 p/m

Max 4 swimmers per class


Nervous Lil Beginner

R900 p/m

R1400 p/m

Max 2 swimmers per class


Intermediate Lil Swimmer

R680 p/m

R1200 p/m

Max 4 swimmers per class


Advanced Lil Swimmer

R680 p/m

R1200 p/m

Max 4 swimmers per class


Tailored Lil Swimmer Experience (upon swim teachers recommendation only) 

R1200 p/m


Individual swim lessons


Adult Aquatic Exploration

R720 p/m

R1400 p/m

Max 6 swimmers per class


Debunking the Myth and Prioritizing Water Safety

The truth is that NOBODY is ever 100% protected from drowning.

At Happy Swimmers, we are committed to prioritizing water safety above all else. It's essential to understand that we don't claim to make children "drown-proof" because such a claim would be unrealistic and impossible to achieve. Accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of their swimming abilities, and our focus is on creating a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for all.

Drown-proofing is often associated with a dramatic and traumatic process that can have negative effects on a child's perception of swimming. Instead, we believe in providing expert instruction, age-appropriate activities, and closely supervised lessons to build strong foundations of water confidence and skill. We never engage in practices such as throwing or dunking children because we prioritise their love and enjoyment of swimming.

The truth is that nobody is ever 100% protected from drowning. Even experienced swimmers are not immune to potential risks. That's why we emphasize the importance of water safety measures and close supervision, especially when it comes to children. We firmly believe that no child should ever be allowed in the water unsupervised, even if they've had swimming lessons.



Join us at Happy Swimmers as we prioritize water safety education and strive to equip children with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the water with confidence. Together, let's ensure that every swimming experience is both safe and enjoyable for all.

It Starts with a FREE Swimming Assessment

Placing Your Child in the Right Class for Success

At Happy Swimmers, we understand that each child has unique swimming abilities and experiences. If your child is new to Happy Swimmers but has previously taken swimming lessons with another provider, we offer a free swimming assessment to ensure they are placed in the appropriate class for their skill level.

How Long Does an Assessment Run?

An assessment typically runs between 5 and 15 minutes per child

What Happens During an Assessment?

During the assessment, our experienced instructors evaluate your child's swimming abilities and technique across a range of skills and strokes. This assessment helps us gauge their current proficiency and determine the most suitable class for their continued progress.

Why Do We Prioritize Assessments Before Placement?

Here's where Happy Swimmers sets itself apart. While some swimming lesson providers offer one-size-fits-all, age-based classes with limited opportunities for progression, we take a different approach. Our programs are skill-based and designed to continuously advance swimmers.

Our dedicated instructors closely monitor the development of each swimmer, allowing them to progress at their own pace. This means that two children of the same age may have different abilities and be placed in different levels based on their individual progress.

Book a FREE Assessment for Your Child

To ensure your child starts their swimming journey on the right path to becoming a stronger and safer swimmer, we invite you to book their free initial assessment by clicking the button below.


 Let's set your child up for success in the water!

Happy Swimmers

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